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Professional Liability Insurance Services® , Wholesale Division

Professional Liability Insurance Services, Inc.® – Wholesale Division does not work directly with insureds. Rather, we serve as a key intermediary between independent insurance agents and various insurance companies to assist in obtaining insurance coverages. 

Our services to independent agents include:

    1. Access to multiple markets & exclusive programs
    2. Established relationships with carriers that can allow negotiations of better rates and/or coverage features
    3. Quick indication turn-around time
    4. Access to stand-alone as well package policies
    5. Surplus Lines Licensed in several states
    6. Facilitate Premium Financing, if needed

We become a part of your team with a common goal to deliver prompt service by using our multiple resources. PLIS® – Wholesale Division has a proven track record of helping independent agents like yourself since 1999.

Others promise what we deliver.


Please visit our Program Administrators Site on Specific Products at

PLIS Wholesale has access to certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London....

Lloyd's of London is an insurance market, established by Edward Lloyd in 1688, and is made up of a society of corporate and individual members that underwrite as syndicates (groups that form an association to carry out business transactions).


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